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Aieysha Haws is an American-Canadian lyricist & singer-songwriter of Caribbean descent who uniquely blends R&B, Hip-Hop, & Soul to create a distinct, lively, captivating & powerfully poetic sound. "INFINITY 4 U"  her latest single features the joy of nature." her latest single. Debut singles "Turmoil", "Zodiac Signs", & "Butterflies", earned her recognition on various platforms: Listeners' Choice: Today's Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Eh!, Hip-Hop/R&B by Stingray Music, The Digilogue After Dark: Toronto on Audiomack, City of Toronto, City of Mississauga, NEXT, iMullar, BBC Music, CBC, & more.  "Turmoil"  is a Contemporary Hit on the Best Songs/Standout Artists Playlist of Toyota Searchlight 2022. Winner of London's Got Talent 2022 & Vstar 2022— her performances at like Tallinn Music Week, Canadian Music Week, Afro Caribbean Cultural Festival FT. Charly BlackAlison Hinds, & Converse x Footlocker Canada Sessions, among others have generated buzz. For her confident vocals & willingness to defy convention, Chicago's VocaloRadio has dubbed Aieysha "Poised to Breakthrough". H.H.N.M describes Aieysha Haws as pushing the boundaries of the English language. Aieysha Haws draws inspiration from Patti LaBelle & Tina Turner, as well as the significance of self-discovery, storytelling, arts, & community. In essence, Aieysha Haws’ ability to redefine & alter our perception of life experiences make her a powerful voice & ever-evolving artist who encourages enlightenment & enriching surprises. ~ #WiseEyes.

Aieysha's unwavering determination and dedication will lead to impactful new projects in 2024.

Wise Eyes is derived from (Wise Guy) an idiom for smart mouth & based on the pronunciation of her name.