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RNB Fusion/Hip-Hop Soul Singer-Songwriter, Aieysha Haws, from Toronto, ON, is sonically-captivating with an element of unpredictability, wit & vividness. After releasing conscious singles captivating, with unpredictability, wit, & vibrancy. After releasing conscious singles - Turmoil, Zodiac Signs, & Butterflies, Haws graced Listeners' Choice: Today's Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Eh!, Hip-Hop/R&B (Playlist/Channel) by Stingray Music, The Digilogue After Dark: Toronto on Audiomack, City of Toronto: Music 311, YYZ Live, BBC Music, NEXT Magazine, CBC, iMullar, Contemporary Hit Radio & more.


As part of its Best Songs/'Stand-Out' artists list from the 2022 CBC Toyota Searchlight contest, Aieysha Haws - Turmoil was selected.  She is also winner of  London's Got Talent 2022, Vstar 2022, named "Poised to Breakthrough" by Chicago's VocaloRadio, renowned for “confident vocals & a willingness to go against the grain, Aieysha tests the limits of the English language.” - (HHNM). Alluring melodies, piercing & powerfully worded poetic lyricism articulate her uniquely liberating sound. Music from Patti LaBelle, Tina Turner, & artists alike, inspired & accelerated her passion for storytelling, arts, & community at an early age. Through her effervescence, Aieysha Haws empowers you with love & wisdom to explore the human condition, to help others grow & thrive, creating a movement called ‘Wise Eyes’.

A highly anticipated single, 'Infinity 4 U' is set to release on Good Friday, April 7th, 2023. Where would you go in a lifetime?

[Wise Eyes is derived from (Wise Guy) an idiom for smart mouth & based on pronunciation of her name. ]