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Throughout the year, we showcase artists from around the globe, in  a wide-variety of genres including, RNB, Hip-Hop, Soul, Blues, Rock and more.  Our line-ups and sessions where everyone can share their experiences, learn, network and connect are all part of our conscious efforts to address unconscious biases, as well, spotlight and celebrate diversity in the arts, entertainment/music industry. 

Discover new and upcoming artists, and hear some of your favourites for the first time live! 


Ferocity Live Showcase (CLOSED)

Showcasing at FEROCITY means performing in one of Toronto’s live music venues for fans and fellow musicians. To be considered for the next showcase (2023) please submit your application.

If you want to apply or know a group you’d love to see showcase. We are glad to pass the mic to amplify  artistic voices and creatives of all genres, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, disability, stages of career and cultures to participate in our upcoming showcase FEROCITY (LIVE) and more. Priority will be given to Toronto-based artists.  

Apply for the opportunity to perform at the Ferocity Live Showcase, taking place in 2023. As a Showcasing Artist, you’ll gain exposure, publicity, and unparalleled access to an audience of new fans. In addition, find opportunities for bands, solo artists/groups, poets and DJs across Canada, USA, UK and beyond.

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