A riveting PR/Management team called ‘WISE EYES ENTERTAINMENT,’ we enlighten & engage - primarily independent artists, brands, entrepreneurs & creatives across all mediums - with support by producing, translating, and sharing their work. Our vision is founded on the premise of recognition, revolution, revival and access to pivot -in our eyes- generational talents. 


The services we offer are designed to help you powerfully, present and reimagine your best ideas, navigate and network, begin or continue reaching broader audiences in collaboration of an interdisciplinary approach to arts & entertainment.


The foundation of attracting & building an engaging community.


Production, marketing & distribution, whether you need a top-line writer or a complete track written for your artist then we can deliver.


Extensive network of music, media and entertainment; Song production; Brand development; Content production; Fan base development & more.



We can provide TV and web ads/commercials, film production, and event strategy. We also provide very unique and diverse talent in various fields of entertainment: Musicians, Models, Actors, Authors, professional songwriters/screenwriters, Writers, Dancers/Choreographers, Athletes and other industry professionals for your marketing/advertising...

Access professional entertainment industry services and gain knowledge to enhance your projects and create lasting experiences:

  • Artist PR/Management

  • Marketing/Social media strategies

  • Career/Repertoire Development

  • Preparation of print & audio/video material

  • Songwriting, recording, pitching, etc.

  • Co-ordination & production of special events

  • Project sharing & Showcase Development