Upcoming Canadian Rapper, Songwriter, & Artist T TYME, is not a stranger to ups & downs, in his highly anticipated single, 'Make A Way' & its accompanying music video. The ‘Make A Way’ visuals find T TYME paying tribute to a deceased friend & pushing through, with faith & a belief beyond himself. T TYME always finds smart solutions for his problems, & he does this by putting it into his lyrics, sound, & overall persona. Always introducing creative, innovative, passionate work with an ear for music.

The cover for the new single, Make A Way, provided by T Tyme.

The rap recounts the simultaneous challenges & changes presented by the unexpected nature of life with visuals drawing parallel to T TYME’s evocative & emotionally charged pen. T TYME is depicted looking back, looking forward; walking a bridge & path with cutaway shots of a memorial & reflecting.

"It hurt my heart dawg, I‘m talkin’ to a picture frame, since you been gone fam; Sh*t will never be the same & you showed me dawg, separate from the fakes"...

Take a look at T TYME’s new music video for “Make A Way” (above). Shot by co-collaborator Sip Entertainment.

This track has a sincere appeal & catchy melody that is so frustratingly familiar, as a listener you can’t help, but to nod & bop along with such a relevant story. He has learned from struggles, stress & fatigue, observation & living with perception of his relationships in the world.

"Who knew life's a gamble... They say it's trial & tribulations (Yeah) But all this pain, it don't make sense (Nah)"

At last, T TYME is seen releasing a lantern symbolising sentiments of embracing hope & surrendering to uncertainty, because there is light at the end of the tunnel, ending with an uplifting prayer from his childhood friend’s mother.

Visuals from T TYME's 'Make A Way' [Video].

In 2020, T TYME debuted his first single “Perfect Timing” that racked up 17K views on YouTube within weeks of releasing. By February 1, he announced a very special single “Big Plans” which was released on Valentine’s Day. Chronicling an experience of Love & confusion. Actively ‌filming,‌ ‌performing‌ ‌&‌ ‌perfecting‌ ‌his craft,‌ in his most recent collaboration (SXM) Wine featuring LVLZ, he embraces his Jamaican roots, music video shot in the beautiful islands of Saint Martens. T TYME has also visited the US & made connections worldwide as a youth & community focused artist.

T TYME’s authentic visions don't stop at how he sounds; it’s also in how he moves. He continues to carve out a creative path inspiring growth. In a progressive, yet relevant sound that reflects his life & other relatable human experiences with incredible drive & versatility!

Look out for T TYME & his debut EP titled "Temporary Love" set to release mid June.

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