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Updated: Sep 16, 2022


The cover for the new single, Turmoil, created by Aieysha Haws.

Toronto, ON: Aieysha Haws released her third single 'TURMOIL', arriving just days before Halloween. Aieysha Haws appears on the cover as Queen of Hearts, which is a deliberate statement for her lyrical message -"Off with your head!"

TURMOIL is a RNB/Rap-Rock fusion track, which was considered premature by some, while the song has enchanted audiences on Contemporary Hit Radio, TikTok, & international playlists, with more than 250K+ streams across all platforms. It is the follow-up to the success of her breakthrough singles "Butterflies" & "Zodiac Signs."

As TURMOIL unfolds, Aieysha Haws' delivery shifts in a way that keeps you listening from start to finish. Her lyrics paint a very vivid picture of the chasm of frustration in conversation about the value of love & trust, the telltale signs of an unhealthy relationship, & self-consciousness.

"When I needed you the most, you were never down ten toes/ Full of natural highs and lows/ I chose to overdose on dopamine/ Cutthroat, tightrope, slip and sliding, I can't cope without my necessary evil"

On chorus, the questions posed by Aieysha are self-reflective & crying out for answers. With its atmospheric melody & poignant rage, the song grows in progression.

"Oooh, Turmoil / Never have I seen so much/ Oooh, Turmoil / How ya' suppose to love, when you can't trust?"

During her childhood, Aieysha enjoyed reading & writing, exploring fantasy & reality in a world of words, which is why she incorporated honourable mentions of SIA & Lewis Carroll, as well as, citing Luther Vandross, Tina Turner, & Shakespeare:

"To be, or not to be, is quite the question; Truly... /Accidents happen, but SIA said, my heart is elastic / Little did I know, all that glitters isn't gold / And, I can't stand the rain against my window / A house isn't a home, where the highroads erode, overload, overflow, overgrown, over so / Plucking flowers from the meadow won't atone"

Ultimately, the song winds down with heartfelt & solemn repetition of:

"Turmoil, Turmoil / Turmoil, Turmoil / Turmoil, Turmoil / Turmoil, Turmoil"

Listeners feel the need to cultivate healing once this song touches their hearts & minds. She tweeted, "#WiseEyes I just wanna give you gems for your crown" to her fanbase.

As a reference to how Aieysha is pronounced, Aieysha Haws calls her supporters 'Wise Eyes' in light of her love of words & wisdom, using the expression "Wise Guy" (a clever person with a smart mouth).

TURMOIL proves With TURMOIL, Aieysha Haws reveals her liveliness & ability to conjure up surprises. Her music is vibrant & exciting, & her lyrics keep listeners humming in anticipation.

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RNB/Hip-Hop Soul Fusion Singer-Songwriter, Aieysha Haws, is sonically captivating, with unpredictability, wit, & vibrancy. In 2021, she released solo songs: "Turmoil","Zodiac Signs", & “Butterflies" — featured on Listeners' Choice: Today's Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Eh!, Hip-Hop/R&B (Playlist/Channel) by Stingray Music, The Digilogue After Dark: Toronto on Audiomack, City of Toronto: Music 311, YYZ Live, BBC Music, NEXT Magazine, CBC, CHR, & more.

Born in the U.S.A & raised in Toronto, ON. At an early age, inspired by her mom's gift of 20th Century Masters: The Best Of Patti LaBelle & Tina Turner’s Private Dancer [Cassette], she developed an incomparable sound & artistry that led to singing, performing, writing, & visual arts, which were accelerated by passion & community involvement. Among “Standout Artists” for the 2022 CBC Music’s Toyota Searchlight competition, named "Poised to Breakthrough" by Chicago's VocaloRadio, renowned for “confident vocals & a daring pen, poetic prowess, a willingness to go against the grain, Aieysha tests the limits of the English language.” - (HipHopNMore).

Aieysha Haws is admired by her supporters: Wise Eyes - derived from (Wise Guy) an idiom for smart mouth & based on pronunciation of her name. The life lessons Aieysha Haws shares are the profound impact of soul-searching, reminders to express her wisdom & personal philosophies so that others may grow & thrive, as 'Wise Eyes' do.

In a series of striking & soulful sources, Aieysha Haws provides purely powerful messages.


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